Anybody heading West this summer?

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Can you imagine kayaking Lake Powell? I know I can!

So, here I am in Arizona. Yup…..Arizona. That’s a pretty long distance from the east coast, and my old stomping grounds in New England……..

A long way indeed.

Why am I thinking about the distance to New England?  Simple, my kayak is back in Massachusetts, and it needs to be here in Arizona.  I’ve been talking to Bert & Janie about Lake Powell, and we all agree that paddling the lake in September would be amazing!  Truly amazing indeed!!!

So, the kayak needs to get out here sooner rather than later.  And I’ve been looking around at shipping companies trying to figure out if someone can get my 14ft Perception out here without destroying it.  I just don’t know.

Then I realized…..I’ve got readers all over the country.  Maybe somebody is setting out from New England this year heading West.  Maybe a kayak transport could be arranged.  So here I am, asking the question…..

Are you heading West this summer?  Any chance you could bring a kayak along with you for your journey???  If so, drop me a note!  🙂

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    You’re right Jason…I’m bummed. I paid a lot more for the Aerolite 14 footer than that. I’ll have to do some poking around online…..

    Bert, hope the traveling is going well!

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