The Model Airstream

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Yup, this is "the Airstream" of the Airstream miniature. I think this one worked out!

Okay, this Spring has been all about experimentation photographically for me. Let’s see, what rabbit holes have we gone down?

  • People & Portrait Photography?  Check.
  • Learning how to deal with speedlites?  Check.
  • Shooting a band?  Yup, check.
  • Figuring out new (to me at least) Photoshop techniques?  Check.
  • Less HDR?  Check.
  • Stylized images with other techniques?  Check.
  • Making my Airstream into a model Airstream……?  Check.

Am I having lots of fun with my photography again?  Check.

I certainly had a dry spell for a few months.  No shooting, no edits, just awful quiet.  But clearly the mojo is back, shooting is fun, the workshops are fun, and generally, fun is back.  Geeze, even in AZ you can get the winter blues, eh?  😉

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  1. Haha, very cool… This came out really nice.
    Glad to see you found some inspiration from that video.

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    You can achieve the mini look in a few ways.

    #1 – Get a tilt shift lens for something on the order of a billion dollars (okay, not really that expensive, but pricey enough).

    #2 – Use photoshop to fake the tilt shift effect. Pretty simple. Take a shot from “on high”. Pop it into Photoshop. Select the in focus area and the out of focus area, then grab the Lens Blur filter and take a whack at the image. Toy with your selection to your taste (lens blur takes a little while to process).

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