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The Whiskey Row Alleyway looks prettier this way, even with all the dumpsters......

Okay, I know. Miniature Airstream yesterday, and more miniature stuff today? Really? Come on Rich…… 😉

Don’t worry, you won’t put up with two weeks of me shrinking the world around me.  I’m just having a little fun, you know, with the camera.  Cause you should have fun when you’re running around with the camera, right?  I mean, we can’t have people running around with cameras being overly serious, and taking themselves too seriously.

Unfortunately, there was no cute little drunk person from Whiskey Row to miniaturize....oh wait, that sounds harsh

At some point I think I want to miniaturize all of Prescott.  And it’s population as well.  Shrink em’ all I say!  Then the next step????

Learn how to overlay Godzilla into the scene.  You know, have him crunching on a building or something.  Just for good measure!

Yesterday I miniaturized the Airstream, today the Firehouse Plaza. The places I live and work have now shrunk, sort of like the economy.....

Why is it I have the feeling the men in white coats will be showing up at the gallery today?  Ah well, if they do show up I’ll just shrink them down to model size as well……..

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  1. I Not to worry Rich, a cute little Whiskey Row hottie will show up sooner or later! I like your tilt-shift applications.

  2. Post

    No tilt shift lens here. 🙂 Of course, if somebody would like to sponsor the blog and have me try out a tilt shift lens I wouldn’t be opposed……. 🙂

    Pretty simple effect. Quick Mask tool, Gradient, Lens Blur, and voila, Tilt shift effect!

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