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The Shady DellThis morning I got a great treat in the mail.  A package of pre-released copies of “High Roads” Magazine from AAA.

Why did I get a bunch of copies of High Roads Magazine?  Because they used one of my images for their latest issue.

Page 20 of the Arizona version of the magazine has my Shady Dell shot from my Bisbee visit back in January.  Very cool.  Initially they were going to use the Dot’s Diner picture, but I sent along a few extra photos for their review.  Looks like the Shady Dell’s office was a bigger winner!

Thought I’d share an event that made me smile this morning.  Another bit toward growing my photography business.  And the print was larger than 1/2 page.  Not bad!

Now I’m just waiting to hear back from AZ Highways.  If I get in there I’ll probably faint, get hyper, or drop my camera….again……  🙂

Guess I should start collecting up all my “as seen in” clippings at this point, eh?

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  1. Congratulations!! I was so excited to see you in technicolor in the magazine. It’s very very exciting indeed…

    And when you get in Arizona Highways? Between the two of us, I think there would be so much hyperness we may want to look into securing people to follow along behind us in case we spontaneously break out into song and dance…

    Or in case we faint…

    (even though you usually have that weird buzzing sound in your head before you actually go down…I’m a bit familiar with fainting)


  2. Congratulations, Rich. I remember the day back in the 70’s when I was called by a New York editor to discuss my up-coming article in a national magazine. A great thrill and I think I still have a photocopy of the check!

  3. Congratulations Rich! I like that photo more ever time I look at it (not that I didn’t like it before…).

    We’re keeping our fingers crossed down here for the Arizona Highways.

  4. Got our copy of Highroads and immediately tore through it looking for your photo. Awesome!

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