Overland Journal’s Expo in Prescott

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rockinjeep-1-of-1Riding around town I often see vehicles labeled with Overland Journal’s logo.  They’re always pretty decked out 4×4 off road vehicles ready for most any situation, and man they look great.  Often they make me miss my Jeep.

Of course, the Titan has done amazing off roading here in AZ and out in CA to boot.  It can hold it’s head high when it comes to getting me into remote spots.  Still, it’s not amazingly geared for the “serious” off road travel.

The last time I saw one of the Overland Journal vehicles I popped by their website and had a great surprise!  They’re hosting the first annual Overland Journal Expo right here in Prescott.  The Fairgrounds this weekend will be the site of cool vehicles, neat gadgets (I love gadgets) and some really interesting people.

Guess what I’m going to pay a visit to this weekend?  🙂

Anyone want to help me gear the Titan up to be an extreme off road vehicle?  I don’t even know where to start, but it sure would be cool.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the Jeep in this photo?  Belongs to one of the folks attending the expo.  I met him last night at Point of Rocks.  Came all the way from OK to attend the show, and he and his wife stayed the night in their really extreme off road pop up camper / super cool trailer!

I’ll make sure to photograph all the cool stuff at the expo this weekend!

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  2. Unfortunately, duty calls and this weekend will be full of moving furniture. Believe me, I would rather look at cool trucks… 🙂

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  4. I didn’t even know such things existed! But off roading and camping? Both sound like winning combinations to me…specially when there’s all sorts of little gadgets and things you get to carry around with you…


    (yes, I just swooned over a Jeep and camping…)

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