The Dells, from the G11

Back to reality

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The Dells, from the G11

The Dells, from the G11

Since wrapping up our Chiricahua trip I have been somewhere outside of “reality.”  We’ve had doors to fix, dinettes to rip out, truck axles to replace, and a new workspace to install.  And all of this stuff has really occupied my mind.  But it’s all over now, so it’s time to get back to reality.

That means “work.”  We need to find a few more businesses that need our assistance with their web presence.

Our current client roster is doing well.  Keeping up with their rankings, traffic, and seeing that their sites are helping to generate revenue for them is great.  And we’ve got to get the word out to other small businesses (eh hmmm, RV Parks) that we can actually help them bring in new customers.  So I’ll be dedicating the better part of the weekend to sending out more contacts to parks.

A little personal photo time – The G11

I’m also giving myself a new project for the next 7 days.  I’m going to shoot only with my G11 starting tomorrow for a week.  That little camera has been sorely neglected, and almost everything I shoot these days is on the 5D and 7D.  The G11 just rides around in the camera bag waiting for its opportunity to shine.

iPhone photos for Instagram will still happen.  So there’s that.  But the non-Instagram stuff will be shot with the G11 for a week.

It’s always nice to give yourself a little challenge with the things you do.  You know, mix it up.  So that’s what I’ll be doing in between the client hunt.

Loving the new workspace

I can’t say it enough, the changes made in the Airstream over this past week are really making me happy.  I’ve worked out the best use of storage, and I have my systems setup where they should be.  Sitting down to work is no longer a dreaded thing.  It’s a happy moment parking my butt into the office chair I’ve had in storage since 2012.  So comfy, so comfy.

RV’ers Survey

Don’t forget, we’re still conducting a survey on this site about how RV’ers find parks these days.  Simply follow this link and take the survey if you haven’t already.  And thanks in advance for taking the time!


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