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RV’ers – How do you find your next destination?

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Weber Baby Q

The Weber, with a vintage Airstream in the background. Looks like a 27 foot from the 70’s to me.

There are plenty of RV Guides out there now.  We’ve got some awesome Apps to find RV Parks, National Forest Parks, BLM camping, etc.  There are also so many web services out there for RV’ers.  With RVillage you can find a community of guests at parks you stay at, with Campendium you can get the latest updates and images on parks you may want to see (this is a new favorite of mine).  RV Park Reviews is pretty dominant on Google searches because so many people have reviewed parks there………And the list goes on.

It got me to wondering how exactly are people finding their next destination.  With so many RV Guides out there, what is everyone else using?  In my case I mix and match based on what I’m doing.  Sometimes it’s the Allstays App, sometimes the Ultimate Campground Project App, here and there the USFS/BLM app.  And then there are times where I’m just using Google to find parks at a destination.

So I have a series of polls here today to get a gauge on what other RV’ers are using to plan their next trip & their next park.  I’d like to know what RV guides you’re using, or if you’re not using any at all.  The polls aren’t super scientific (two years of doctoral econometrics tells me that), and you are allowed to choose more than one item in most of the polls.  Just be honest with your selections please.

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Internet based RV Guides

If you do you electronic guides, we’d like to know which ones.  Even Google searches.  If you’re doing your planning and information gathering electronically, pick all of the items that apply.

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Electronic Devices you use

Provided you’re using Internet based sites to help you plan your travels, what types of devices are you using.  Is there a desktop computer rattling around in your rig?  🙂

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RV Park Websites

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Physical RV Guides

Do you still have your old guide books rattling around in your RV?  Maybe an old Woodalls guide, or a Goodsam?  Or if you’re like me, you’re still hanging on to Don Wright’s Guide to Free Campgrounds……There are still a few print media guides out there, do you have one along with you?

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Thanks for taking your time to answer these polls.  As many readers know, part of our work on the road deals with helping RV Parks get found.  We redesign websites for RV Parks, B&B’s, and more.  And knowing how other RV’ers like us search for their destinations is a great help.  It’s also interesting to see, so be sure to stop back by and see what other people selected!

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