Marvin Brau, owner of Precision RV

And so it begins…my Airstream Solar Install

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Good things come to those who wait.  So, for those who waited a super long time I’m assuming super good things will happen?  In my case, 12 years of Airstream ownership and I’m finally getting around to my very own Airstream Solar system!  That was a long wait, so I’m expecting it to be super good!

An Airstream Solar Install by Precision RV!

Airstream Solar System for The Airstream Chronicles

Good bye old Interstate Batteries!

This isn’t just any old solar setup.  I always shop around for the best.  That’s why I own an Airstream in the first place.  Quality, a great reputation, and they’re just classic.  And like my Airstream, I’ve always wanted a great solar system, and I’ve always wanted it done right.  And I think my waiting paid off.

Marvin Braun of Precision RV is doing my Airstream Solar.  And I’m helping him rebuild his web presence.  A mutually beneficial business relationship to be sure.  Precision RV will reach more potential clients, and I’ll be able to keep things running while boondocking and leave the generator idle.  Oh so exciting.

Yesterday Marvin began working on my rig.  Before me, Paul Singh’s Airstream.  And another client arrived last night.  Marvin has been busy!  And in order to accommodate his schedule, we’re working around my install to let him get to his other customers.  It leaves me time to learn more about his business in order to make his website reflect Precision RV’s mission, and it’s giving him the flexibility to work with other folks who are on a deadline.

So, what got done yesterday?  Well I cringed a little while Marvin drilled some holes in my Airstream.  I always cringe about holes in the Airstream.  He then ran cabling through my Airstream, and that didn’t make me cringe.  The old Interstate batteries were swapped out, and the new Life Line batteries were popped in.  My Blue Sky controller was installed, and the remote controller was as well.  And that’s the story for yesterday.

For those who cringed along with me regarding holes….they’re all sealed up now and everything looks spiffy.  Yes, I said spiffy.

Our next big step?  Getting the panels on the roof.  Currently Marvin has a big install going on, so I think my panels will be up this weekend.

Why Not Just DIY Rich?

Here’s the deal.  I know power systems.  Back in my telecom switching days I dealt with a DC power plant that had 144 round cell lead acid batteries.  Part of our power backup system.  Then there was this giant diesel generator…..  I know how to do electrical work and wiring.  No problem with that.  But drilling holes.  Putting a hammer to a nail?  Tearing things up and reassembling them afterward?  Yeah, not so much.  So when it comes to altering the exterior of my portable home?

I want a professional.

Airstream Solar from Preision RV

Hello LifeLine AGM Batteries

Marvin is about as professional as you can get.  So after meeting him in January to discuss his web issues (site down / hacked) I made the decision to work with him on my Airstream.  While his website was down it was still easy to learn about him.  There’s so much positive buzz out there on other blogs, forums, and websites that a very clear picture about who he was and what he did developed quickly for me.  He was the right guy to finally help me with my own solar system.

I know many folks do the DIY route, and good on you!  For me though, I have my areas of expertise, and I appreciate other people who have their areas.  It’s that simple.

So When Do We See It?

When the final install is done I’ll be doing a little video walk through.  Don’t you worry.  Until then?  I’m busy documenting Precision RV’s current work, investigating SEO options for his website, and looking into what social media will help him along the way.  Remember, there’s part of my expertise.  🙂

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