Airstream Solar System - Paul Singh's Airstream

An Airstream Solar System!

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Ah here we go again.  Two days ago I was running around with my fleece jacket on.  And the heat was running throughout the night.  Drive a few miles south, and drop a few thousand feet in elevation and what do you get?  Rich in shorts and light shirts with the air conditioner running throughout the day.

Arizona is neat!

The Airstream is now parked at Rover’s Roost.  It’s an Escapee park in the Casa Grande area.  It’s also the location where Marvin Braun over winters.  He’s the owner of Precision RV.  And as I said in my last post, he’s RLC Design’s latest client.  What’s really fun is that we’re also becoming one of Marvin’s many clients.  I’m so excited that we’re finally putting a solar system in for the Airstream!

An Airstream Solar System!

Airstream Solar System - Paul Singh's Airstream

Paul Singh’s Airstream is a few feet longer than mine. A new inverter, custom lithium ion battery plant. Nice!

Each time we’ve visited with Bert and Janie in Borrego Springs the same thing happened.  Bert would pop out in the morning and let me know that his battery plant was fully charged and happy.  And somewhere during the day I’d find myself powering up the generator to recharge laptops and phones in the Airstream.  Sure, my generator is quiet….but Bert’s Solar?  Yeah, it was silent.

I’ve always wanted a solar system for the Airstream.  But issues with the budget came up, or I didn’t know who to go to, etc.  When the funds were available I always worried about who to call.  And yes, electrical systems are well within the scope of my knowledge, but I’d rather a pro do the job.  Cutting into the roof of my home, messing with the Airstream’s power plant……  Nope, I’d rather get the right person for the job.

Marvin Braun is that right person.  He’s done many Airstream Solar Systems.  And he’s done tons of RV solar installs as well. Class A’s, 5th wheels, Travel Trainers…..Marvin has seen them all.  And when I pulled into the park?  Yeah, he’s working on another Airstream right now!

Next installation job for Marvin?  My Airstream.  And I’ll be documenting the job here, as well as on his website.  And by the way, his site is up.  It’s a work in progress as I gather more information from Marvin, but I thought I’d let you watch the evolution of the site through to its final form.  I was going to build it on a staging server, but I thought folks might be interested in the live evolution of a site.


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  1. Marvin is the best choice for the installation. He installed s system on my AS two years ago. (Six 135W panels with 4 AGM’s). The system totally improved our travel experience. Looking forward to seeing your installation experience.

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