The Airstream has finally moved!

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Solar Installations from Precision RVTo say it was a long winter is an understatement.  At least from my perspective it was.  One of the main reasons it felt so long?

The Airstream went nowhere for months.

The last big trip for the Airstream took place last summer.  Cortez Colorado for the balloon festival.  You know, the festival that got rained out?  Yeah, that’s the one.  After that we’ve remained parked in Prescott.  Well, with that one quick trip to Casa Grande in January.  That was a business trip only.  No sight seeing, no visiting new places……..

So where is the Airstream now?  Casa Grande.

Okay, I’m making myself laugh.  Are you laughing too?  You should be.

This particular trip is also a work trip, but it promises to be very interesting.  A new client who is currently based out of Casa Grande.  Soon though, this client will be on the road too, as they also have a mobile business just like me.  And their mobile business is pretty darned cool.  To say I’m excited to work with them is an understatement.  And while working with them, a few big changes will be coming for the Airstream.

Precision RV – Our Newest Client

Months ago I was put in touch with Marvin Braun of Precision RV.  A regular reader here at the Chronicles suggested I get in touch with Marvin (thanks Gary).  And we actually first met with Marvin while we were in Casa Grande in January.

Marvin’s name is well known in the RV universe.  He’s done work for many full time RV’ers who work and live on the road.  Solar installation on 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Class A Motorhomes, and maybe a few Airstreams as well.  Unfortunately, some time ago Marvin’s old site got hacked and taken down.  And even with the name recognition out there, amazing blogs about his work, and referrals from so many RV forums…….not having a site up really does impact business.

RV Solar Battery ArrayThat’s where RLC Design comes in.  We’ll be building a completely new online presence for Marvin.  From trip planning to client scheduling, we’ll be making sure that anyone looking for an awesome RV Solar system will find Marvin.  That’s our job.

The best part of working with Marvin and Precision RV?  After 12 years of owning the Airstream, and so many years of full time living, my Airstream will finally be getting a solar system of its own.  That means the next time we meet Bert and Janie in the Borrego Desert we won’t have to break out our generator either.

What’s coming

Over the next 2 weeks I’ll be documenting our own solar install.  And I’ll be working on Marvin’s site.  I’ll be keeping up with the work as we go, and you’ll see it here.  You’ll also see it at  Currently I just have a place holder page up for Precision RV, but that will be changing soon!


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