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Remember when pictures were posted here?

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I remember those days too.  And the days of photos on The Airstream Chronicles are returning.  Starting today.

Over the winter and into early spring things have been hectic.  And you’ve read (when I randomly posted) that my mind has been on clients, bill paying, and living in general.  Add to that all of the writing that I’m doing on other sites and you have a fantastic recipe for a quiet blog.  But that’s going to change, and I’m making a commitment to myself to make it happen.

We all find ourselves distracted at times in our life.  Meeting that new special someone, navigating a career change, building a business, or one of a few dozen other things that crop up in life.  But when something is important, it needs some time dedicated to it even with the distractions that crop up.  And this blog is very important to me.  Taking photos is also something that’s very important to me, and has been neglected.

So, this morning while working on updated business documents and an hour long call with a client, I said to myself, “Okay, here’s a stopping point.  Open up the Think Tank and pull a camera out.  A cool retro bus pulled into the park yesterday, you need to take a photo.”

Vintage RV Bus - The Airstream Chronicles

A short walk, a few clicks, and my stress level lowered.  The worries of all I had to do today took a back seat for a few moments, and I felt pretty relaxed.  The standard Arizona blue sky was waiting for me, and a nifty retro bus has been documented.  It’s not one of my A Grade photos, but that’s okay.  It got me out of the office space for a few minutes, and into a space where I remembered how much photography means to me.

So yes, keep watch.  The Airstream Chronicles blog is coming out of a multi-month quiet period……..

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