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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

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For so long I’ve been wanting to get back here to the Airstream Chronicles and write a simple update.  But usually by the end of the day I’m so tired of looking at websites that I say, “Oh, tomorrow.”

Glad to say, tomorrow has arrived.  I just finished writing up several quick tutorial sheets for a campground reservation system, and thought I’d pop over here to update what’s been happening here.

RLC Design - Artist Website Design

A screen capture of Jody Miller’s new horse photography website

Blogging still continues.  And website work still continues.  Just not for myself.  For my clients….they get all of my writing energy these days.  Several days ago I “soft launched” a new artist website for Jody Miller.  We have a few pages to add that were thought of after the soft launch, so a bit more writing and website time ahead of me.  But the project went really well, and hopefully with time and effort Jody’s site will become a regular visit for equine photographers and individuals interested in purchasing Jody’s work.

Beyond Jody’s recent project?  3 other projects.  A hot air balloon tour company, working with a really fantastic RV park on their new reservation system, and starting into a project with a Solar Installer who specializes in RVs.  The phone usually starts ringing around 7:30 a.m. here, and I have now made it a rule to not answer after 5 p.m. unless it’s an absolute emergency.

November and December were so slow it scared me.  But after the New Year hit I find myself with plenty to do once again.  Part of the deal I suppose when you work for yourself.  Feast or famine.

Looking to travel once again

We know that there’s client work through the end of this month.  But we’re already looking around for the next project…..out of Arizona.  Or at least outside of the Prescott area.  The Airstream needs to roll.  I need to break out the camera and take a few photos for myself.  And we need to see some new places and help other RV Parks in the West increase their business.  That’s what we do here.  Drive more traffic into the parks we work with.

When I’m traveling or working at a new location it seems easier to pop something up on the blog.  New places, new faces, new opportunities to see something we haven’t seen before.  When the Airstream is idle, the blog seems to be idle too.  But trust me, I’m still writing on a daily basis.  Just not here.  I’m writing for my customers, and for RLC Design.

So, if you’d like more stories from the road, you’re not alone.  I’d like to share them.  Like I said in a previous post, if you know a great park that could use some more business, pass their information along to me, or pass my info along to them.

Super success

And if you don’t follow along with my business posts over at RLC Design, I’ve got a quick story for you.  We helped a failing tour business back in January.  They were seeing $700 – $800 per month in profit for their bookings.  We re-launched their website on January 29th of 2016.  And in a few weeks time they were booking profits in the thousands, not the hundreds.  To read the full story, follow this link to RLC Design.

See, I have been busy!  I promise, I’ll make every effort to get over here more often, even if I’m just posting about work.  I’m still a full time Airstreamer (10 years now), but it will be nice to get some travel in once more!

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  1. Hi Rich,
    I’m loving my new website! It’s been a great experience so far and I know there’s much more learning to come. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback. Thanks so much!

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