Sundance 1 RV Resort

But it’s a dry heat….

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Sundance 1 RV Resort

If only it were a little cooler here, it’s a great place to visit. I need a refrigeration suit…..

Ah yes, we’ve all heard that the desert southwest has dry heat.  And I’ve said it many times myself to family and friends.  Of course, I was in Prescott talking about the dry heat, and how with a little shade you’re fine.  And that is totally true.  I’ve been out in the Dells on days when it was in the 90’s and I was perfectly fine……

But now we find ourselves in Casa Grande, Arizona.  And they’ve got dry heat too.  And that dry heat is heading for triple digits this week.  Currently it’s 96 outside, and the Airstream’s air conditioner has us at 80 degrees (it’s on full blast).  The later afternoon seems to be when the heat really kicks in….

And I know what you’re saying right now.  “But it’s a dry heat Rich….hahahahahahahaha.”  Oh you readers are so funny aren’t you?

Here’s hoping that the Airstream’s AC continues to chug along and do its very best.  Remember, this is now an 11 year old Airstream.  The AC has done great over the years, even overcoming the insanely humid state of Georgia last summer, and it was hot there.  But it was a wet heat.  Not a dry heat.

Triple digits are expected tomorrow.  And I’ll be sure to update here on how we’re doing.  One thing I know for sure, we’re not getting to the cooler climates any time soon.  Immediately after working on this park we’ll be moving on to the next.  And then another…..and another.  Happy to say, we’ve got a lot of business for the next few weeks.

Oh, and for my friends in Florida… looks like I’ll have to make my way out there in a few months.  3 parks to photograph out there.  But you know how it is, that humid heat isn’t like the dry.  So I’m trying to see if we can hold off on that until October…..or December…..I kid, I kid….but seriously, Humidity?  Bleh!

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