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Near the Canadian border in NH.  I'd like to be there right now...cooler

Near the Canadian border in NH. I’d like to be there right now…cooler

This morning we had an interesting break from work.  At 10 a.m. we sat down and had a conversation with Jim & Peg from American RV’er.  Soon you’ll see us on their podcast!

Yesterday I was chatting with them after they pulled up near us.  A sweet Class A is their rig of choice.  More air conditioners than we have, so I’m a little envious!  🙂

We got to talking in the late afternoon, and I remember reading their website as well.  They’ve been on the road full timing since 07 (I think I’ve got that right), and they’re making their living as well while traveling.  And that’s what we talked about today when they did the interview.

Now up until recently I wouldn’t say we’ve been making a living.  It’s been pretty tight over the past year financially, but I see improvement on the horizon.  These things take time, building a reputation and developing a following.  But with each new client it becomes even clearer, we’re on the right track!

Chatting with Jim & Peg was a great break from our work on the latest website, and it was also fun to talk to other people who are doing the same thing.  Everyone has a way to make it work, and I’m always fascinated to hear their story as well.  I remember chatting with Sam from Currently Wandering, and I found that what he’s doing is just brilliant.  You can program from anywhere, and in his case he really has a lot of flexibility in his work.

For younger full time RV’ers it’s pretty clear, today’s technology is enabling work and travel together.  20 years ago I think it would be a tougher sell.  But today I’m seeing more and more mobile professionals out there.  Have laptop, will travel!

Keep an eye out for the interview over at the American RV’ers website.  I’m looking forward to seeing the final edit myself!  🙂

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