Changes at the Firehouse Plaza

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See the wall behind the bar?

Our gallery is located in the Old Firehouse Plaza here in Prescott. We’ve got several small shops in the plaza, a great bakery, and the Firehouse Restaurant.

And things over at the restaurant are changing!

Not long ago the kitchen came under new ownership.  And the owners are well known in the restaurant business here in town.  They’ve managed several popular places here in Prescott, and they decided to take the opportunity to own their own restaurant.  Pretty gutsy in a down economy.

Here’s the thing though.  It’s pretty clear, the gamble is already paying off for Matt and Aaron.  They know what it takes.  And they’ve got a fan base from their previous locations.  So, it’s all going the right way for them so far!

How well?

So well that they’re expanding the upstairs area.  Massively expanding.  Take a look at the before picture, then notice that the second picture has a whole wall missing…….  the expansion is under way.

In a few short weeks everything upstairs will be finished.  And be sure, I’ll post a few pictures of the newly expanded section at the Firehouse Kitchen!

The wall is gone.....part of the expansion space!

Looking into the old bar area from the expansion space

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    Apparently it’s greatly improved. I say apparently because with my odd food allergies I usually avoid dining out. Ian has been the test subject for many new dishes.

    Last week they tried out a new Ruben on a Pretzel Roll that Ian loved. And several of our customers who came through were so impressed that they ran over and requested the same Ruben even though it wasn’t on the menu yet……..

    So, things are looking good for the Firehouse Kitchen!

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