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Recently a client of mine was offered a great honor. I mentioned his opportunity in a recent post. An Olympic opportunity in his future!

Good deal!

Well the local paper picked up his story and gave him a front page section. The family asked if it would be okay if an image I created (an early composite) could be used. Of course I said yes because I’m 100% behind him.

Well, the family was interviewed about his story. They mentioned my photo services. And when the article went to print a huge page one image (my image) was used. The credit? Courtesy photo.

This is the third time the Prescott Daily Courier has used one of my images with no photo credit. The article’s author was credited. I dont know why though. I’m only a professional photographer. The author is only a writer. I mean we all do this for the love of the art right?

A good friend of mine has had several non-credited photos run by the courier without his permission. Not good. Our image files contain our copyright information. In my case the interviewed family mentioned me multiple times. And yet no credits.

For all my local photographer friends……writers too. Is copyright so flexible theses days? Maybe authors should be “Courtesy story”. What do you say?

To the Prescott Daily Courier. You have violated my copyright 3 times now. You have approached me numerous times about advertising so clearly you understand I own a business. The next copyright violation will result in legal action. And you didn’t even supply me with a courtesy copy of the paper with my image crossing one of your lead page sections.

Is there a real paper with standards in the area? Somebody point me in the right direction.

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  1. Rich, Sometimes its actually simpler to correct issues like this than you think. In this particular case all you have to do is change your business name. scratch “RL Charpentier Photography” and hello “Courtesy Photo of Prescott”

  2. Yes, it’s unprofessional that they didn’t give you proper credit, but how did they violate your copyright? You gave your permission.

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    The image as provided to my clients had my RL Charpentier Photography watermark on the bottom left of the image. It didn’t appear in publication, so removed or cropped up from it. When I give permission for use I always request credit for the image. Not a copyright violation? Then bad form I suppose, but watermarks are on my images for a reason.

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