Fire season is upon us

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott 3 Comments

Last week we had the fire on Whiskey Row.  This week?  Multiple forest fires around the area.

Today downtown was full of smoke.  This time around the smoke was coming from our forests to the south.  Over the weekend slurry bombers flew low over the house heading out to douse the fires.  Unfortunately high winds and dry conditions have made things tough on the fire fighters.

Fortunately we’ve got some great fire fighters in town.  In addition to the normal fire crews we also have the hotshots, forest service, and other volunteers who are experienced in fighting fires here in the southwest.

To all those who protect and serve, thank you!  Good luck dealing with these fires, and be safe.  For all my readers, cross your fingers we see some rain soon, or at least the winds die down!

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  1. Thank goodness both Kaibab and Coconino NF have banned campfires as of tomorrow.

    Excellent shot of the firefighter.

  2. Post

    The firefighter in this post is my friend Nick Russell. He works with forest service, and has been placed on many fire lines since he joined. I’m very glad there are people like Nick willing to lay it on the line for the rest of us!

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