Fire dancers here in Prescott

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Working off the excess before starting to twirl.....a firey scene!

For months now Josh has been talking to me about the fire dancers that practice on Tuesdays at Sundance.  To make matters worse, one of the women who works at the Firehouse Kitchen (next to my gallery) is one of the fire dancers…….

Clearly, I had to go see for myself.  I mean, everywhere I turn I’m hearing about the Tuesday night practices…….

So, I finally broke down, took a nap, and prepared myself to stay up later than usual.  A night owl I am not.  Of course, tomorrow’s full moon will probably find me awake in the Granite Dells with a tripod, a camera, and a cable release……  🙂

As you can see, the fire dancers / twirlers are pretty cool.  The 5D Mark II did a pretty good job.  No flash, high ISO, and ever changing settings for the different light levels.  Fire breather, super fast shutter speed.  Twirlers….slower speed, somewhat wide apeture.  Lots of changes for the shoot.  I’m still sorting through what worked.

Of course, I thought you might like to see a few unedited images.  I’ve got a lot of sorting to do, on top of the sorting I’m already doing!


Literally spitting fire.....good lord, my captions are lame......

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  1. Very cool Rich, glad to see you got some good ones. It’s a bummer you lost the detail in the fire on the fire breather, but the way the fire lit him and around him is really nice. Also, great composition in that one.

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    Thanks guys. You know Josh, 1/500th of a second on the fire breather, ISO 2000, and at 5.6. Looks like I should have dropped the ISO further…..Still a little detail in the top flame… 🙂

  3. Wait, what…ISO 2000? Haha, that’s the problem… I said ISO 200. With my Sigma I shot the fire breathers at ISO 100, but the Nikon starts at 200 so I used that. The rest of the settings where exactly what I was using.

  4. Rich and Josh…you guys rock. You’re welcome any time. Tuesday’s are cool…but performances are WAY better. We usually are all in costume and interact a lot more. You’d be getting multiple people interacting with/on fire.

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