I’ve hit a limit on sorting photos

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Prescott's new roller derby team starting practice

In the past week I’ve accumulated way too many photos.  I never thought I’d say that, but I’m here to tell you, there’s a max limit to dealing with photographs and I’ve found it.

Think about what I’ve been up to in the past 10 days.  Shooting the Whiskey Row shoot out, photographing at Lake Powell for a few days, doing a session for a local Roller Derby Team, a photo shoot at The Motor Lodge, and finally another quick trip up to Route 66 again.  That last one was just me needing a Burma Shave fix……  🙂

So, I’ve got all these photos to sort through.  I’m still not done.  In fact, I’m all over the map.  Last night I worked on the roller derby stuff for a while, then worked on two new CSS files, went back to the photos, and then realized I wanted to look at the Route 66 stuff……..

Yes, all over the place last night!

So, today I’ve got a plan.  First, working on the roller derby shots.  Pop Rocket needs the images soon.  Once I’ve got the clients out of the way I’ll work on my own stuff.  It would be cool to have an employee that sorts through my stuff and picks out all the shots that suck.  That alone would save me tons of time.  🙂

Going forward I’ll have to remind myself that going over 3 big shoots in a short period might lead to sorting hell.  But you just never know when you’re going to get a request for a photo session, right?  And you really shouldn’t turn work away.  Just be prepared to stay up late each night and dig in.  And take one set at a time.  😉

Always learning here at the Airstream Chronicles!


The roller derby team rolling by on a practice lap


You never know what you're going to see on Route 66


A new conecpt in public restrooms


The Hi-Line Motel in Ashfork Arizona

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  1. Rich, when you are generating interesting photos it’s hard to let go of any, and I can see you certainly have that problem. Though I’m not sure all of the thousands I’ve amassed this trip are interesting, still, I’m saving most on external hard drives, so now I can defer the task eliminating ’till we return home. At the moment we’re in Dawson City and this is a place you’d go wild!

  2. Post

    Bert, wish I was with you guys. Just seeing your pictures I know the opportunities there are boundless……

    But to be honest with myself, the opportunities here are boundless too. This week I’ve had some really fun shoots. My Lightroom Library is close to 5000 pictures for the year right now. I make a new catalog for each year. And I’ve got more sorting, deleting, flagging, and editing to do. There’s a few winners in there somewhere, but in the last 10 days I’ve added over 1000 photos. Gotta get to sorting!

    So, when are we going to kayak Lake Powell?

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