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I’m a Mac

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Sorry, last night I watched TV a bit.  Caught the whole Saturday Night Live special and I saw too many commercials.

Honestly, Microsoft went with these new “I’m a PC” commercials?  I’m just asking, you know?

Well, I’m a Mac.  I don’t think I need to say more.

Have you seen the commercials?

Just asking…..

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  1. I’m a PC…and, no, that doesn’t stand for politically correct! I’m baking for the Vista fundraiser bakesale…LOVE that ad! tee hee!

    Big hugs to you today on Tuesday. Think hard and pray before you vote…

  2. Hey Rich, How about a poll with a category for reformed users!

    I admit our household owns two PCs, BUT we also have 2 Macs! And for the past week plus neither PC will access my email, but our Macs consistently do the job! Thanks for your educational efforts enlightening us all!

  3. Microsoft’s marketing has always been a joke. God only knows where they spend their billions. It aint on commercials, and it aint on software development. 🙂

    All the same it’s what I use.

  4. Your post sent me over to find the ad on YouTube (I don’t have a TV). Pretty bad commercial. Reminds me of lyrics in some pop songs — same words over and over. Kind of like brain washing. Can’t get it out of your head.

    Won’t work. I’m a Mac — two of them.

  5. Post

    Tombo, I know you’re a PC. And that’s ok with me. Still like ya! 😉

    Wandrin, I just couldn’t believe they’re using that as a marketing campaign. Ok, the folks are “PCs”. What do you do with them, other than upload poor quality video?

  6. The latest Apple ad with the mac & PC guy has a pretty funny retort for Microsoft’s advertising expense and where the money does, and more importantly, doesn’t go.

  7. I was a Mac in a PC’s chassis … so I finally changed and acknowledged my true self. Now I’m happy.

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