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That’s a lot of P’s in the title!  Sorry about that all.  At least it isn’t a tongue twister!

I’m glad to say the election season is wrapping up.  I voted early, voted what I personally thought best, and we’ll see what happens.  Hopefully no law suits, riots, or people determining that the winner is evil and stupid right off the bat.  If they want to toss around the “evil and stupid” concepts along with the “corrupt” concept as well they should take few moments to examine our legislative branch in total…..just saying. Less emotion, more actual issues and facts.  It would be nice……

So, as I’ve said before, not endorsing any candidate here.  I think there are too many media outlets with clear agendas for every side there is.  How is it they always claim no agenda?  You want economics?  This is a good place to stop.  Politics…..keep searching.

Why write such a title then?  Simple.  McCain is coming to Prescott tonight.  I’d heard he was coming today, popped into town and saw all the preparations, and decided to return for a few photos.  See, there’s my contribution to the political fray.  A candidate is popping through little ole Prescott, so I thought I’d share the setup scenes with you.

I must say, I’m a little disappointed.  Satellite vans all around the square, big banners, folding chairs…..the works.  Where were these people on the opening night of the gallery?  Come on, that was a fun event.  Of course it was so packed that night that I felt claustrophobic.  If there were camera crews it would have been worse.  Ah well!

Pretty cool that Prescott is on the map with a visit.  I considered for about 30 seconds showing up to see the spectacle.  It would be cool to photograph a Presidential candidate.  Then I thought about the time that he’d be here.  Midnight.  Yeah right, I’m staying up until midnight for what would be a tough photo op.  Ah, not so much.  I’ve got to work tomorrow you know!

It’s a wonder I get any fun photos given my constant and unending quest for sleep.  You know, my West Fork shots months ago?  Yeah, sleep walking.  Or sleep hiking.  Take your pick.

So, there’s the political update from Prescott.  The downtown is getting blocked off.  Big flags are hanging on the square, people with bigger tripods than mine are setting up (yes, I’m envious), news guys were sitting on benches rehearsing (either that or they were well dressed homeless guys talking to themselves…you never know), and I got a few photos before the big event.

Thinking about it I’m a little disappointed in myself.  My bed time is early than Senator McCains?  Wow, I remember the days when I could stay up all night.  What the heck happened to me.  Ah well, he’s probably got better vitamins than I do.

Before heading out of town I got the photo I really wanted for the day.  Earlier in the day I saw a cool old cash register in an antique shop.  It cried out for a photo.  Not sure if I did it justice, I’ll take a look through all the shots and consider returning to the shop again for a few more.  But I thought I’d share that one with you as well.

The bottom line when the political circus wraps up is the economic issue that several administrations allowed to develop is still with us.  It was created over a decade and a half, and unwinding it might take just as long.  I’ve heard nobody address the whole scope of it in a realistic way, and I’ve seen no news organization tie all the threads together and offer the American public a chance to fully understand the creation of the disaster (it’s actually a pretty straightforward chain of events).

The funny thing is, everyone is talking about change, but all sides haven’t gotten into the finer details of their version of change.  The personal fear that I’m grappling with is we’ll all find nothing but change.  Quaters, dimes, nickles, and too many pennies.  Unless we get a grip on spending and play in the real world where you can’t print cash all day and night, Change might be the only thing we all have (I need my laundry quarters……).  No slight on any candidate, they’re all talking about it.  And honestly, it goes beyond Presidents when it comes to overall economic policy…..there are many people to be concerned with in these times.

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  1. Yeah. As far as I can tell, you are YOUNGER than McCain, are you not? Party people…no late night rallies for you? 😉

    I would love to go down to the square and see Hank Williams Jr. perform…and whatever surprise country western singer they have coming in (according to his people) I would love to go down and people watch and be a part of a really excited crowd of people…but, I think my only crowd will be the cat…although, I’m sure I’ll hear the noise from the event, so I probably should go…

    I am loving the register as well…I think my mother will enjoy it too…seeing she’ll be using it in the new business she owns! See? Lot’s of change around these parts (the register will hold a lot of change…heh-heh 🙂 ) then again, this kind of change doesn’t have a lot to do with the candidates.

  2. Funny hearing Prescott in the news this morning. Even more funny hearing the commentators mispronouncing “Prescott”.

  3. I love the register! I used to use one like that in the store when I was a youngster, covering the cash counter while the Postmistress put up the days mail in the little farming town I grew up in in 1950’s Pennsylvania. It was all I could do to crank that puppy, heheh.

    Thanks for the memories.

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