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Hey there everyone!  So much going on here at the Airstream over the past few weeks.  New clients, new solar gear, new video gear, and a trip right around the corner.  But before I tell you all about that, how about a fun little video walking through Point of Rocks RV Park?  Yeah, that’s what we need.  Blue skies, RVs, rabbits running away from the guy with the camera…..

Okay, what’s all this new stuff?

Well, after finishing the initial site build for our friends over at Precision RV, RLC Design received a phone call.  The call was about a chain of 11 RV Resorts and 55+ Communities.  So in the next few weeks we’ll be starting into that project.  It promises to be an interesting one that will keep us busy for months on end!  Seriously, this is another big one!

With that in mind I’ve decided to take a little trip before the big work begins.  A boondocking trip!  I’ve got to really test out the new solar power system on the Airstream, so I’ll be heading out next Monday for some fun off grid camping.  I haven’t had a “for fun” getaway in a while, so it’s time!

In the video (if you’ve already watched it) you’ll note some pretty smooth motion while I’m walking through the park.  This is thanks to an awesome little device I just received, the EVO Gimbal.  Just incredible.  A small handheld gimbal for your GoPro.  We’re planning a lot more video for client work this summer, so the EVO was a must have item.  It will also be fantastic for videos here at the Airstream Chronicles as well.

Watch this blog next week.  I’ll be doing a full walk through on the new off grid setup with the solar power.  I’ll also be running around with the EVO and GoPro and doing some video from a favorite location.  And there will be more night sky photography with a fully lit Airstream in the background.  It promises to be a fun time, and a great way to get the blog going once more.

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