The video wrap up on our new solar installation

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Yes, you’ve seen pictures.  And yes, you read my latest post.  But something was missing, right?

Where’s the video.  Where’s Rich and his silly sun glasses?  Where’s the wind blowing across his microphone so you can’t hear what he’s saying?

Well, it’s all right below.  You get it all including blue Arizona skies, and some drone footage for good measure.  Oh, and if you’re asking yourself, “Is he popping this post up using a computer that draws its energy from his new solar setup?”   The answer is yes, he is!  Enjoy the video!

If you want to learn more about solar for your RV I would suggest getting in touch with Marvin Braun over at Precision RV.  He really knows what he’s doing when it comes to setting up amazing systems for RV’ers.

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