Mobile friendly website this isn't

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Mobile friendly website this isn't

Mobile friendly website this isn’t

Today I’m talking shop.  As the RV travel season heats up, we’re reaching out to a lot of RV Parks about their websites.  What we do isn’t just about building new websites for RV Parks, it’s about helping parks get found on the Internet and increase their bottom line.  And in the areas we’re focusing on right now we’ve found several parks that we can absolutely help.

Bryce, Zion, & Moab

Over the past few days we’ve been sending out informational packages to RV Parks near Bryce, Zion, and Moab.  Major areas for summer time RV travel, and for visiting National Parks and National Monuments.  You would think that parks in these areas would all have some amazing websites, but they don’t.  Also, many aren’t mobile.  So looking through the areas I’m hoping we can find a park or two that we can really help!

An awesome website for Bryce

If you do a Google search for Bryce RV Parks (we always keep it simple when we’re searching for something) you will find a Google Page 1 filled with links to one of the many parks in the area.  Ruby’s Inn & RV Park (aka  An amazing website, super easy to use, and really awesome on mobile devices.  There’s a lot of work behind the site, and the results are telling.

On page 1 of our searches Ruby’s comes up 4 times.  Tripadvisor, their own website, Yelp……  Bottom line.  Ruby’s has their SEO covered, they’ve got a great mobile site, and they make it really easy for potential guests to find out about them on all devices.  Even better, they make it super easy to reserve quickly and painlessly.

Traffic Ranks for several Bryce RV Parks

Traffic ranking for many of the parks we’re looking into for Bryce and Zion. The top one of course is Ruby’s

Bryce Canyon Pines (the next one on the traffic chart, aka also ranks pretty close to Ruby’s.  And once again, they’ve got a super nice mobile site that I as a user appreciate.

The remainder of the sites aren’t mobile, and could use a little work.  The only other front page Google result was the River Side Resort, and it isn’t mobile.  Very hard to view to be sure.

Moab RV Park Websites

I was pretty surprised checking through many of the websites in Moab.  Like Bryce and Zion National Parks, Moab is an absolute destination location as well.  And more than half of the websites there are also not mobile friendly in the least.  Unlike Bryce though, all of the parks are trending together nicely.

Moab RV Park website rankings

The parks in Moab, with one exception, track very well together, but there’s room for improvement.

RV Park Websites in Moab trend together.  Still the lower ranked sites aren’t coming up on page one of Google, and most of the websites that are behind the leaders aren’t mobile.

One strange anomaly.  The bottom ranked park,, has a nice and easy to use mobile website that was recently launched.  I’m not sure what’s going on with the ranking, but the site works well on my smartphone.

Hopefully headed north soon

With the large amount of parks vying for visitors to Bryce, Zion, and Moab, the web presence of nearly half the parks in those areas have room for improvement.  And there’s a lot of room on page 1 of Google for the folks in the Zion area.

We’re hoping to find 2 or 3 parks that would like to work with us on improving their web presence, and making it easier on guests to find them and navigate their sites on any device.  So that’s the plan for the next few weeks.  Help a few parks, and start driving north!

Oh, and usually I post these types of articles over at RLCDesign, but I’m conducting a little experiment with this post.  🙂

If you’d like to know more about the website work we do, pop over to RLC Design Services.  We don’t just work on RV Park websites, but we do enjoy working on them!

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