Watson Lake, G11

Thinking about yesterday

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Watson Lake, G11

Watson Lake, G11

This morning I woke up to the loud patter of rain on the Airstream roof.  Rain?  Really?

Arizona is always happy to welcome rain.  And I’m glad to see it too.  But you know, yesterday was such a perfectly beautiful and amazing day that today’s rain bummed me out a little bit.  Actually the weather for the entire weekend was perfect.  If only the cyclists for the Whiskey Row Off Road had this past weekend’s weather instead of the miserable weather they had for their race.

I still say one of the toughest parts of full time RV living has to be bad weather days.  Now and again they’re not terrible, but if you get several days straight of bad weather you get a little stir crazy.  Given this Airstream is 25 feet long and 8 feet wide, there’s not a lot of moving around you can do.  Fortunately I don’t think we’re supposed to get a lot of bad weather.  Just today and tomorrow.

So yes, as I’ve been working today I’ve been looking out at gray skies, wishing for yesterday’s beautiful puffy clouds.  Ah well, maybe I’m just spoiled by all the gorgeous days we’ve had over the last few weeks!

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