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Snow, snow, snow

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Ah, another snow day here in Prescott.  2 days of blowing snow.  No, nothing like what the Northeast has been getting this year, but it’s still another snowy day here!

Today’s snow fall reminds me of a great blog that I follow.  Paul Burwell is an amazing photographer.  On top of fantastic outdoor scenes, Paul also creates incredible images of snow flakes.  Want to see.  Click here for one of his snowflake photos.  Take a look around his blog.  He’s got a snowflake video too.

Well, off to finish my color matches for the morning.  Then it’s “tax time.”  Sales taxes are due.  Gotta get them done.

Enjoy your snow day!

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  1. That snowflake video was incredible…we’d talked about Paul’s work before, can’t believe I hadn’t tagged it yet! Tks!

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