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Some time in the Arizona Heat

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Palm in the desert

Palm in the desert

Over the past few weeks in the Prescott area we had been experiencing some cooler weather.  Well actually, it was downright cold for May.  If you recall, we had wet and cold weather for the Whiskey Row Off Road.  And the cooler temperatures continued throughout the month.  Not complaining, but running the heat at night in May for weeks was a little “different.”  Of course, the past two years I really haven’t been in the area.  2013 found me in WV, and last year we headed out to New England in May….. so there is that.

The latest park we’re working with is in Casa Grande.  A big drop in elevation, and a short distance south of Phoenix.  The combination means the temperatures are different….very different.  Yesterday morning leaving Prescott I had my fleece jacket on.  Last night shorts and a T-Shirt and the air conditioner on full blast.  And today?  95 degrees.

Quite a dramatic swing in temperatures.

Ah that Arizona Sunset

Ah that Arizona Sunset

So yes, we are now experiencing the Arizona heat.  And it has just started.  This weekend will see triple digits.  I suppose we’re putting the Airstream, and it’s cooling system, to the ultimate test.  Can we stay comfortable and get our work done?  I think we can.

The park we’re at is a pretty nice one.  It’s also a big one.  A full club house, swimming pool, recreation activities, the works!  It also has an antiquated website that needs an overhaul.  And that’s what we’re here to do.  Photographing the park should be interesting.  We’ll be sticking to dawn and dusk.  And for the bulk of the day we’ll be hidden inside the Airstream or the clubhouse to stay cool and keep the electronics happy!

Oh, and with today’s heat we managed to keep the Airstream at 72 degrees.  As we head into the triple digits I’ll try to remember to keep track of the interior temperatures!

Another Airstream

Oh look, another Airstream!

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