wrong way or right way?

When going the wrong way is the right way

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Where are you going exactly?

Where are you going exactly?

Tomorrow we’ll be headed out in the Airstream once again.  Destination?  Casa Grande, AZ!  Now you might think we’re headed the wrong way, but we’re not.  We’re headed the right way, even if temperatures are climbing!

Our next client is located in Casa Grande.  A large park, close to several National Monuments, and geared for the snow birds.  And in order to get ready for their next season, it’s time to update their web presence.

What’s interesting here is that we have an opportunity to work on several parks, as this particular park has several sister parks.  Of course, working in Casa Grande will offer us warmer temperatures, but I think we’ll be able to survive those temperatures.  Now if we work on all the parks over the next few weeks we might start seeing some extreme temperatures.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

So while all of our RV’ing friends are heading North seeking out cooler climates, we’re heading South into the heat they’re all trying to escape.  So it might seem like the “wrong way,” to some, but it is the right way for our business!

Personally I’m very excited to get the Airstream back on the road.  And I’m excited to be working on a project like this.  Another RV park’s web statistics to pour over!  Who wouldn’t find that fun?

It’s funny.  Today at the Phippen show I was wearing my fleece jacket.  Tomorrow I’ll probably be looking for the nearest swimming pool!  Isn’t Arizona amazing?


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