Granite Mountain, Prescott

The sweet Siren’s call….to work

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Granite Mountain, Prescott

Granite Mountain, Prescott

Ah, the sirens.  They beckon sailors to the shoals with their sweet songs.  And in my case, the sweetest call of all is to work.  Sad, but true.

This time, we’re being called somewhere we didn’t anticipate going this time of year.  While I have inquiries out from Utah to Montana, the call we received was to a different place.  Casa Grande, AZ.  Ah yes, while all of the snow birds have fled southern Arizona, the Airstream will be pointed south for a while.  Let’s just hope the single air conditioner is up to the task!

For the next few weeks the Airstream Chronicles will be circling around the Phoenix area.  And then we might even be looking at a trip out to Florida….during the summer.  Yeah, I’m crazy like that.  But when a client calls with a project in mind you strike while the iron is hot.  Really hot.  Phoenix hot.  🙂

Florida hot?

While we’re at our next location we’ll also be paying visits to a few more National Monuments.  So there’s a bonus.  Additional articles for Living in Tin!  That works for me!  Also while we’re on the road we’ll be launching the start of a very interesting new series for RV’ers, and for those who want to head out full time.  So stay tuned in!

I’m really excited to get the Airstream on the road once more, even if we’re driving into the heat.  Being busy means that we can continue to work from the Airstream.  The slack weeks are the ones that scare me.  If I had my way, we’d be booked every week.  And it just might be the case that we’ll be booked for a good while!  So who cares if it’s a little warm?

Still, we’ll always entertain opportunities in the cooler summer climates.  Somewhere in Park County, CO?  Yeah, I could see that.  So we’ll keep sending out inquiries for the next clients, but in the meantime we’ve got a pretty cool project ahead of us, even if it’s in a hot place!


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  1. It has been interesting following your articles on “Living in Tin” I had no idea that you were around Prescott for most of the early part of this year. I tried using the password that you provided me for one year, however I am able to follow most of your posting through LinkedIn. Remember I purchased your tutorial on using Lightroom and you told me I had to use Quick time player and yes it did work! However my program stopped working once I moved some folders out of My Picture’s, just to clean up my image folders. Can I ask if you you have ever run across the following problem in a Win 7 64bit.
    When I open the application version 3.6 64 bit I get a black bar popping up on my monitor saying the following:

    Lightroom-opening catalog: lightroom.exe.lrcat

    Windows tries to repair and fails then -Adobe Lightroom 64-bit has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and good traveling. Sincerely, Don

  2. Post


    Hey there! Sorry to hear you’ve been having Lightroom issues. I run Lightroom on my Mac, so I’ve never seen that issue before as you described it. Have you tried Googling the failure? I bet there are others who have had the same experience.

    We’ll be back in Prescott in a few weeks I believe. Or it might be a little longer. I’ll drop you a private e-mail and we can chat about what’s happening with Lightroom.

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