Spooky similarities…..Is Matt Kloskowski my long lost twin? Probably not….

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Finally I’ve found the time to catch up on my blog reading.  I’ve been checked out over the last week.  Drilling through books, working on marketing material, re-energizing myself to expand the busines…..yeah, so not much blog reading.

Heading over to Scott Kelby’s blog I found a post from Matt Kloskowski regarding how Photoshop changed his photography.  And as I read his post I found too many similarities.  From landscape lover to guy playing with portraits, and then on to really digging the whole composite thing.  Sounds like Matt and I have been following the same path.  However, in his post he left out Lightroom Wizard (yes he is), and digger of HDR.  Spooky….  🙂

Now I’ve been spending less and less time cruising everyone else’s blogs.  Too much on my own plate if I want to grow the business.  But Matt K is a favorite of mine ever since I read his Layers book the other year.  Great stuff, and with that book I really found myself “getting” Photoshop.  Clearly he’s a good instructor to boot.  But I haven’t followed him that close (sorry Matt) even though his Lightroom Killer Tips blog is on my RSS feed reader.  I never really knew his progression, and had no clue that the path sounds the same as mine.

So, what’s this mean?  Is the guy digging into my subconscious, am I digging into his?  Nah, I don’t think so.  More likely its just a funny fluke.  Or maybe it’s the kind of path that folks who pick up a camera and really want to keep learning follow.  I dunno.  In the end I just think it’s pretty cool that I seem to be tracking along the same way as a favorite Photoshop instructor of mine!  Maybe someday I’ll make it to Photoshop world and say howdy.  Plus size him up to make sure he’s not my long lost twin (I’d be the chubby one….)

Oh, and he’s right about changing how you shoot.  Since I started down the compositing path I find myself shooting so much for backgrounds.  I’ve even got smart collections in Lightroom for backgrounds!  Who knew?

Today’s photo?  Nothing to do with any of this at all.  Monsoons are coming back, thought you’d like to see some killer clouds and the beauty that is Arizona.  You know, the clouds could work for a background down the road…….



Matt has a new book coming out on Compositing.  Yeah, I already pre-ordered it!


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