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The Post Where He Actually Takes A Day Off…..

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott 3 Comments

The alternate title to this post could be……

My boat is here, my boat is here…eh heh, my boat is here……

Many people around town will tell you that I’ve been saying that for days….  Soon I think they’ll run me out of town!

I did it!  I actually stayed out of the gallery all day today.  I did not go print, I did not go balance books, I did not take calls, and I did not chew my nails over it!  I can’t tell you the last day that I stayed away from the office the whole day!  Oh, well yes I can.  The trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon a month and a half ago!  Couldn’t go to the office because I was 6 hours away.

So, what went on for this happy Monday?  Plenty.  1st of course days off mean laundry.  So that I’m all crisp and clean in the gallery for the rest of the week.  Well, at least clean, maybe not crisp.  And after the laundry you ask?  A massage appointment.  Haven’t had a professional massage since Hot Springs North Carolina in 2001 while hiking the AT.  Today’s massage was great!  And hours later I want another one.

After returning home all “squishy” from the massage Mary from RVC Mobile called me.  Bob would be coming by today to replace the Airstream toilet.  Yup, the toilet died the other week.  Well, the water refill foot pedal thing died.  So the whole thing had to be replaced.  Ugh!  Don’t even ask what I’ve been doing while the commode was on the fritz………Shudder……

Finally, once Bob was finished with the installation of course, I threw the Kayak on top of the Titan and headed over to Watson Lake.  The Perception arrived Thursday night, shipped all the way from MA.  I haven’t seen it since 2006.  Heck, I hadn’t really paddled since 04′.  Tried paddling in 05′, but was so sick at the time it just didn’t go well.  Bummer too, it’s a great little vessel.

So today I got on the water in my kayak and saw Watson Lake from a whole new vantage point.

It’s very cool!

Expect to see more photos from the water over the next year.  Cross your fingers I don’t ever dunk a camera…….

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  1. Cool self portrait shots, and congrats on getting the kayak back on the water. Did you shoot with the SLR? When I was canoeing, the SLR stayed in the waterproof bag and the cheapo P&S was at the ready in case we dunked.

  2. Post

    Thanks Jason! And thanks for the heads up on the comments. Something weird is going on with the blog. My Blogroll / Links section is no longer coming up. Looks like I have some extra work today….rather go out and paddle again. 😉

  3. Congrats, Rich! Wow, first real paddling in SIX years. Definitely a cause for celebration. I agree with Jason – cool self-portraits. Were you with another kayaker by any chance? I biked out to the eastern trailhead for the “Over the Hill” trail and was out there hiking through the Dells and climbing on the rocks and thought I might see you out on the water. I did see two kayaks at a distance, with red paddles, but I think they might have been rentals. Anyway, glad to hear it went well.

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