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The Second Annual Worldwide Photo Walk update

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So, what’s new with the Photo Walk scheduled for July 18th?

Well, the walk I’m running is still full…….yup, sorry about that one.  But you’ve got other options.

Last night I was contacted by the new walk leader for Flagstaff.  Yes, Flagstaff has a walk now!!!  I think regular readers might remember that last year I moaned about no walk in Flag.  How could that be.  The town has so much to photograph.  Just an amazing place.  How do you sign up???

Thanks for getting in touch Alan!  I hope you have a great walk.

Also, there’s still open slots for the Prescott Dells Photo Walk.  Ken’s group is slowly filling up.  I’d get to signing up before you miss out.  Ken’s group signup is at:

Only a few weeks away from the walk.  Whichever one you attend, I sincerely hope you enjoy it.  🙂

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