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One of my simplest, but favorite photos. Keep watching for those bright spots breaking out from the storm......

So, for a few weeks now I haven’t talked about something that’s been going on with me. Primarily, I didn’t want to think about it so talking about it wouldn’t do me any good, right?

Several weeks ago I started feeling run down again.  It was little by little, and I thought it was just the flu going around.  That’s what I told myself at first…….

Then the major abdominal pain started up again.  It’s been months since that was going on.  Regular readers will remember, after my re-root canal I started feeling like the old me.  Even better, I finally had a normal white count on my blood work for the first time in 5 years!  Just amazing, all after my tooth went insane back in October.  The tooth that was root canaled in 2005.  The one that multiple physicians told me had nothing to do with my extreme white counts, extreme illness, etc.  That one……..

But all that resolved months ago.  My local physician was wowed by my first normal blood score.  So was I.

Well, like I said, I started feeling weird a few weeks ago.  My gut puffed up again.  And finally my jaw re-inflamed the other week.  My response?

You’ve got to be kidding!

Well, the severe jaw pain subsided in 2 days time, but the gum line puffed out again.  So, today I returned to the oral surgeon.  Guess what?  I’m severely infected again.

I should have figured with the recent exhaustion, abdominal pain, etc.  I’m not thrilled.

So, here’s the bottom line.  Back on Cipro, round number 3.  This stuff is supposed to kill anything, but I have an extra special infection that’s gone on for 5 years, and hasn’t killed me yet.  Cross your fingers that we keep it that way.  In the next few days (as soon as I get scheduled) we’re going to remove the offending tooth.  There’s a lot more behind this, and it’s shaping up for multiple oral surgeries over the next few weeks / months.  I will not let this interfere with work, workshops, etc.  We’ll get this managed.

The expense is going to be a killer.  So, if you’ve been wanting a print / canvas / etc., from me, now is the time.  Consider it a fundraiser for a medical issue that’s shaping up to bankrupt me.  5 years ago nobody believed me about how poorly I felt, beyond the fact that everyone acknowledged a scary white count and damage to my colon.  The whole ordeal helped ruin my household back then and set some pretty tough events in motion.  I’m certain the driving force behind the past 5 years auto immune issues is directly tied to this ongoing infection in my jaw that I was told for the longest time wasn’t possible.  So come hell or high water, we’re going to eradicate this infection before it does the same to me.

Cross your fingers.  What was discussed today was not exciting, it’s going to take time, be painful, and costly.  So, I’m bumming a little now.  I’ll take all the positive vibes you folks in “netland” have to offer me.

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear that, I hope that get you taken care of soon. On the plus side at least you know the cause of all your health issues. Hopefully someday soon it will all just be a bad memory.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Finally Some Snow =-.

  2. Hey Bud im very sorry to hear you are having to deal with all of this again. You will be in my prayers that you can get this mess out of your life once and for all.. I hate with every fiber i have in me to see such a good friend that does so much for so many people be attacked like this.. you do not deserve this in any shape or form.. you have done so much for so many.. And if you ask me you have stored up a ton of well deserved blessings in heaven and pure prayer will allow you to collect on those blessings. im praying for you bud 🙂

  3. Really sorry to hear your health has deteriorated again. Hope the tooth extraction cures the infection once & for all. Hope not to be trite but blessing often goes hand in hand with suffering – significant insights come in the dark hours. Hope it does for you.

  4. Rich,

    As always my thoughts are with you! You have shared so much and taught us so much, you aren’t allowed to kick the bucket yet! You are on your way to making a mark in the world (again)! Hang in there man!

  5. Aw shit (there’s no polite way to put that, sorry…). You’ve got quite a crew out in “netland” rooting for you and that includes more than you could possibly know. I know you said that workshops and the like are going to continue, but if money gets tight, don’t be a hero…you’ve dealt with enough already.

    I know what I can do from this end and wheels are spinning already as to how to implement the ACFRA (Airstream Chronicles Financial Relief Act)…there are several measures including auctions, donations, and much more to come.

    Keep the faith Rich, as we know that with the help of your friends, we (not you – we) will get through this!

  6. Sorry to hear that your medical problems haver recurred. In addition to your oral surgeon, you might look for an infectious desease specialist (don’t know one to recommend).
    Best of luck to you!
    .-= dagny´s last blog ..Garage Lighting =-.

  7. Post

    The last infectious disease specialist I saw back in New England was very distracted by his own pending kidney transplant…….. 🙂

    If you knew the whole horror story over the past few years you’d wonder how it is I’m still pleasant to anyone. But you’re right Dagny. Once I can get my doctor’s attention (can’t see him for 2 weeks) we’ll see about that.

    And thanks everyone. I’ll get through this. Cross your fingers that someone calls me back today so we can get things going. Didn’t hear back on my referral yesterday, so that’s bumming me out. The bad part is that so much else gets affected. Gut is inflamed again, kidneys hurt (yes I can feel them) and my back is so cramped. All standard signs my body gives when I have an infection. Yuck!

  8. Ahhh, that’s a tough break, Rich! I’m sorry ’bout that, and I hope you come through quickly… if there’s anything I can do to support you, I will… Wanna do an auction of images donated by Airstream Chronicles readers and printed by you to help with your expenses?
    I don’t have money to buy a print right now, but I’m gunna need one in a month or so; if it would help you to have me order it now instead of waiting, I might be able to. Let me know… I’m hoping to switch to a software development job soon, which would free up a bit more money. 🙂

  9. I, for one have been watching this go on for the last few weeks (and before during the last root canal) and while it’s disappointing to see this return, I honestly think that this is going to be taken care of this time…that’s where my energy and prayers are going to…you’ve got a lot of people pulling for you and one of the best bedside nurses I know!
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Maybe It’s My Haircut… =-.

  10. Rich, it was good to see you yesterday. Despite all that’s going on, I wouldn’t have even known if we hadn’t talked about it. You are a tough dude. You still managed your good spirits, laughter and smiles, and enthusiasm about all of the stuff we talked about: the flashes and techniques, the workshops, the printing stuff. . . so as far as I’m concerned, your chin is “up”. Keep it that way! Fight the good fight, because all of us know you are going to win.

  11. wow, Rich !! I really hope that you can get to the end of this infection business. It must really suck to have this go on for so long. I know you’ll get through it successfully.. you just have to get to the root cause of it (sorry for the pun, I just couldn’t resist). Our prayers are with you
    .-= David Griggs´s last blog ..Arizona Car Shows =-.

  12. I’m coming to this blog entry late, but want to join the others in wishing you well. The plus side is that you’ve found the cause and have plans in place to remove it. The rest will fall into place, I’m confident. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time and have watched you come through so much and not only survive, but thrive, and my prayers are with you as you face this new challenge and come out on the other side to thrive once again!

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