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The well prepared client……really prepared!

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So, I just had to share this one with you, and I think readers will appreciate it!

Chris Marzonie popped by the gallery the other day with a few images for his upcoming show over at the Raven Cafe.  In addition to the photos he brought in, he also had one extra PSD file for me to take a look at.  I’ll tell you what, the image is great, and it cracked me up just a bit.

See, Chris will be getting a certain amount of wall space for his upcoming show.  So he figured out how many images he’d need, and what size.  He then grabbed a ruler, made some mental conversions on size, and arrived at a scale where he could layout the wall in Photoshop.  He then resized his images for the Photoshop file mock up, and voila……..

Each image has a size below it, and for good measure he included a human to show the scale of what we’re talking about……….

Now, if that isn’t a well prepared client I don’t know what you’d call it.  Well, maybe you’d call him a closet engineer.  🙂

Very cool Chris!!!!  By the way, I’m printing one of your 32×48 canvases while I type.  Looking really cool!

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