Two classes of RV Park Owners – The light bulb has gone off!

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Today while talking with my clients regarding the updates we’ll be doing on their website, a light bulb finally went off for me.  While chatting my clients referred to their own travels and full time experience in their RV.  And that’s when it hit me…..

So far park owners receptive to mobilizing their websites have all had RV’ing experience.  And not a short term weekend trip.  Roaming around a few states, or around the country as full time RV’ers.  Every potential client that I’ve spoken to who “gets it” regarding mobilized sites have been former RV’ers!

It seems to me there are two types of park owners.  Those who have traveled in an RV and understand things from that perspective, and those who have been park owners but don’t really travel.  Many park owners I have met fall into the second category, and many believe that RV’ers aren’t that heavily dependent on tech while on the road.  Of course, all park owners are aware of the growing demand for WiFi at parks, so that’s a head scratcher.  Clearly folks are traveling with tech, otherwise they wouldn’t be wanting WiFi so badly……

Now that I’ve had this little epiphany…I need to figure out how to reach folks who haven’t done a lot of traveling, but deal with RV’ers.  This one I’ll have to ponder a bit.

Currently I’m waiting to do a bunch of uploading and site prep.  Since it’s a Saturday and people are on the road I’m waiting until “peak busy hours” are over (a telecom thing).

Ah well, for your entertainment I offer the following self portrait made with the DJI Phantom the other day…..

DCIM106GOPRO Photos of me always look better far away.  😀

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  1. that epiphany is also a job opportunity for you to make more money in your new venture: Upgrading the mostly LAME Wi Fi in RV parks!!!
    Nothing pisses an Rv’er off more than to pull into an RV park with a big “Free Wi Fi” sign only to find out you can’t get anything done until midnight when everyone has gone to bed. 90 % of the RV parks we go to when not boondocking needs a system upgrade. If a park has poor wifi, we don’t ever go back.
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Post


    Hey there! Well, you summed it up didn’t you? The number one thing I hear from RV’ers we meet is contained in your comment!

    Every person that I have met since getting back on the road says that parks need to modernize. Better WiFi is number one. The mobile websites are up there too, but everyone has something to say about WiFi.

    Here’s a question. Would you pay $2 extra per night at a park for really banging fast unrestricted WiFi? Personally I would. One park I talked to told me they were quoted a little over $20,000 for a system installation. They have a park with 100+ sites. During the summer they are pretty full.

    100 sites at $2 extra per night is $200 per night. Average month is 30 days. That’s $6,000 a month in additional revenue. In under 4 months the install is paid for and now that revenue could go toward the bottom line…….

    The park owner didn’t get it.

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