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What’s up with RV Bathrooms?

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Being a Full Time Airstreamer since 2006 I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena with other RV’ers that I just don’t understand.  About half of the RV’ers I’ve met don’t use their RV Bathroom!

Full timing this long, I do use the bathroom and shower in the Airstream.  I have since I first started traveling with the Airstream.  But I’ve observed other RV’ers always heading off to the public showers and restrooms at the parks I visit.  I’ve even talked about it with other travelers, and I’ve never gotten a consistent answer.

One set of friends use their restroom as an additional storage area.  The extra gear that has no where else to fit travels around in their shower.  And if you’re putting a bunch of stuff in your shower area, you’re most likely going to want to keep it dry (so don’t use the shower).  So I get that, and as they use their RV recreationally for only a few days at a time I could see opting for the public facilities.  But what about the rest of the folks I observe every day?  What is it they don’t like about their RV Bathroom???

Thinking about my own RV, I would like some more storage space.  But I’d also prefer to shower in my nice clean shower, and not to use shared showers offered at many of the parks I’ve visited.  There have been a few times over the years where my water intake has frozen (super cold weather nights), and I’ve been forced to use a park’s facilities.  Showering in my sandals isn’t my idea of a good time, and standing in a chilly public shower during the middle of the winter is even less of a good time.

I will say this.  The Airstream bathroom is SMALL.  I wish for a larger shower every time I’m in there.  And often it feels smaller than an airplane bathroom.  But I still favor using my own facilities above park offered facilities.  And I’m always wondering, why don’t the folks in the next lot over use their own restroom???

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  1. I had a boss with a travel trailer, who would ask you not to use the onboard facilities. I don’t know if he hooked up or not, but he didn’t want to clean the parts before moving on. He was sort of a nosey extroverts, and wanted to meet everybody in the park, and find out all about them. Perhaps some of those who prefer the park facilities are exhibitionists or voyeaurs? Or maybe it is as simple as not wanting to use their own propane to heat the water, when there is unlimited hot water just steps away.

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    Over the course of my travels I’ve had to use park facilities here and there, usually due to weather and frozen waterlines. And I have to say, most of the parks’ facilities weren’t too private. One exception, the Blake Ranch RV Resort in Kingman had amazing private showers with beautiful tile work. There was one place I didn’t mind at all.

  3. I always use my RV shower and have no desire to flip flop over to the park’s shower with my razor, shampoo, soap, conditioner, washcloth and towel. Not to mention body and face cream and hairdryer. We have a friend who almost always showers in the park shower and I asked him why. His answer was simple “I don’t have to clean the shower when I’m done”. Could the answer really be that simple?

  4. Back in my rock band travel days one of the bands we were with had the entire drum kit stacked up from the floor to the ceiling in the shower! I was surprised.. but then again I guess us heavy metal guys never take showers anyways. When I finally got my own trailer I bought heavily based on the size of the bathroom. I am now on my third trailer and have the biggest bathroom yet! Glass shower and all… I have never camped at a camping site with hookups… but I ALWAYS use my toilet!

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