The Monsoons are still here

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Yesterday was a pretty good day off.  A little consulting, a little shopping, and a good deal of napping.  Yup, good day. Last evening the storm clouds really rolled in.  Did I get any photos of the clouds?  Nope, sorry …

Airstream in New Mexico

A new group is born?

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Yes, you’ve heard a ton about the photo walk the past few days.  Sorry about that.  It’s what’s been going on here, so it hits the blog! Currently I’m sorting photos.  I get the honor of picking a photo to …

Almost Done!

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Two days after the photo walk things are almost wrapped up.  30 of the folks who did the walk have signed up to Flickr and most have uploaded their shots.  It’s pretty cool to see the different perspectives offered by …

Can you be too tired to post?

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Most likely the answer is yes.  But I’d really like to have the new site (the one you’re reading) have daily entries. Ah, this was tried at the original Chronicles too.  Eventually I’ll miss as day, you all know it …

The private site in Quartzsite

Tomorrow is approaching fast!

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Isn’t that always the way?  Tomorrow is right around the corner. Maybe I should say something philosophical now…..but I won’t. The Photo Walk is tomorrow!  I think we’re all set for a really great day! Weeks ago when I first …

Take only pictures, leave only footprints

Another look at Prescott

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Prescott has been home since March 13th of 2007. I think I’ve checked out just about every store front, road, alleyway, and interesting pull off. Last night I thought I’d go take another look. With the photo walk only a …

You live in a what???

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Last night I got together with my new business partners for a little meeting.  Going through the details.  Rent, power, phone, payments, the works!  Everything has been hammered out, and it looks really good.  I’m actually starting to get excited. …